CORE Exam Online Proctoring Info

The American Board of Dermatology offers CORE Exam candidates the option to take the exam in-person at a Pearson VUE Test Center or remotely from their home or office using Pearson VUE's OnVUE online proctor technology.

Taking an exam via online proctor requires: (1) A quiet, private location, (2) A reliable computer with a webcam (no tablets) and (3) A strong internet connection.

The decision whether to take the exam in person or remotely is entirely up to the candidate. For those taking the exam remotely, we should note that, occasionally, candidates encounter difficulty launching the exam, sustaining their internet connection for the exam's duration, suboptimal exam delivery, or other problems. To reduce the likelihood of these problems, we provide detailed instructions in advance. Further, we require candidates to complete a Pearson VUE System Test using the computer and network intended for use on exam day to confirm the adequacy and compatibility of their computer and internet connection. To perform this test, please visit the Pearson VUE OnVUE page and click ‘Perform a System Test’ at the bottom of the page.

When problems arise, the Pearson VUE proctor may offer basic assistance. However, the proctor's technical troubleshooting capabilities are quite limited. Consequently, regardless of what caused the problem, the exam may have to be terminated or invalidated.  If that happens, the candidate may have to wait to retake the exam until the next time the exam is administered.

To learn more about the Pearson VUE Online Proctoring process, please refer to the FAQs available on Pearson VUE’s website.