CORE Exam Dermpath Module - Sample Virtual DP Items

A portion of the items (~30) within the Dermatopathology module on the ABD's CORE Exam use a virtual dermatopathology (VDP) viewer. To allow residents to practice with the VDP viewer prior to the exam, the ABD has published a set of 5 sample items. 

For best results, and to simulate the exam day experience, access this exercise from a computer using the CHROME or FIREFOX browser. It is not recommended that residents use a mobile phone or tablet to practice since the exam will not be administered on those devices. 

Disclaimer: The five items contained in this exercise are not intended to represent the content included on the exam or the expected level of difficulty of the questions.

Launch the CORE Exam sample VDP items

Residents may return to this sample exam as often as necessary to practice with the VDP viewer used on the exam.