The ABD Executive Staff Expresses Thanks

Around this time of year, we all reflect on things we are thankful for.  In that spirit, we’d like to share some of the many things that we, your ABD Executive Staff, are grateful for.
We would be hard-pressed to make a gratitude list without including our families -- spouses, children, grandchildren, and pets. And our family also includes you, our fellow diplomates. We wish you all the best during this Thanksgiving season.
Here are our individual thoughts:

Randy Roenigk, MD
ABD Executive Director
I'm grateful for a great leadership team. The members of our Board of Directors are thoughtful, collegial, and generous with their time.
Every one of them brings an impressive background of knowledge and experience to our discussions about what the ABD can do to strengthen our profession in general, and support each of our diplomates with lifelong learning opportunities and high standards of practice that distinguish board-certified dermatologists from all other practitioners.
I am also overwhelmingly thankful for the ABD Staff. Our eight amazing staff members support all of our diplomates with grace and compassion.
I’m grateful for my wife and children, who enrich my life daily, and for my parents who inspired me to join this field. And I must admit, I’m a shameless grandfather who is hopelessly wrapped around the finger of my granddaughter, Leigh.





Stan Miller, MD
Associate Executive Director, Continuing Certification
Thanksgiving is arguably my favorite holiday. Commercialism is minimal, we get to
reflect and give thanks for all that we have; we spend time with family and friends;
and we eat too much good food! What could be better than that?
I’m also thankful for our colleagues who volunteer their time and expertise to write CertLink questions. And I am thankful that so many diplomates who like using CertLink to refresh their knowledge and learn about the latest research and best practices in our field.







Marta Petersen, MD
Associate Executive Director,
Candidate, Program, and Diplomate Relations
Among the many things I’m grateful for are the program directors, assistant directors, and program administrators who work so hard to guide dermatology trainees through the many nuances of dermatological practice and patient care. They are advocates for their trainees and strong guides through the learning process.
I am also grateful for all the doctors who choose to specialize in dermatology each year. I hope they enjoy their careers as much as I enjoy mine.
On a personal note, I’m ever so thankful for my large and loving family, my amazing daughter, and the best dog in the world, Buddy.


Julie Schaffer, MD,
Associate Executive Director,
Exam Development
I am grateful for all the highly skilled and compassionate ABD-certified dermatologists who provide outstanding care for their patients. I'm especially excited to welcome the diplomates who recently achieved certification by taking our CORE modules and APPLIED exam. I am also tremendously thankful for the many dermatologists who volunteer their time to write and review our exam questions. Without them, certification would not be possible.
Personally, I'm grateful for my incredibly supportive husband, five wonderful children, and two loving dogs whose slobbery kisses get us all through the day.







Lela Lee, MD
Senior Executive Consultant
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to our profession through work that is meaningful and engaging.  I am honored to have served with an exceptional team of volunteers and staff, dedicated to the mission of high-quality patient care and willing to put in many hundreds of hours of work to fulfill that mission. 
As I prepare to retire after three decades with the ABD, I am thankful that the work will be carried on by a phenomenally talented and well-prepared executive and administrative team.























Among the things we are grateful for are our volunteers, diplomates, and colleagues.