Not receiving ABD email?

Are you missing important emails from us?

First, login to our website with your username and password to make sure we have your current correct email address.

Second, perhaps our email is going into your “junk” or “spam” mailbox. Read below to find out what to do to try to prevent this.


Because email systems are different, these communications can be interrupted by security settings and spam-blocking features. Email can get blocked by an organization, internet service provider, email program, security program, or spam-blocking applications.

The ABD encourages all diplomates and residents to place the ABD on a “safe sender” or “white list” to ensure receipt of critical correspondence. You may either contact your internet service provider to ask that email from the ABD be accepted, or change your security and spam-blocking settings on your email program to accept ABD emails.

In Microsoft Outlook, highlight an email from the ABD, click on “Actions,” click on “Junk Email,” and then click “Add Sender’s Domain ( as well as to Safe Sender’s List.” Call the ABD office (617-910-6400) if you have questions.