Impact of COVID-19 on Dermatology Resident Education

The impact of COVID-19 on Dermatology Resident Education 

ABD appreciates that dermatology residents currently face an increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 as they care for patients. Residents and their programs are justifiably concerned that mandated quarantines or contracting coronavirus may also impact eligibility for certification. To address these concerns, we are informing all residents and training programs that time spent by residents in mandated COVID-19 quarantine will be counted as clinical education if residents are able to work with their program to complete independent structured academic activity during that time.  If structured academic activities are not possible, the ABD policy on absences and certification eligibility requirements will apply for now. 

COVID-19 is an evolving situation whose impact remains uncertain.  ABD will continue to monitor the impact of this condition on resident education and reevaluate our policy as we know more because we do not want to add an undue burden to those affected.  Our goal is to make appropriate reasonable accommodations in our requirements to mitigate the consequences of this unfortunate infection. In exceptional circumstances, beyond time in quarantine, the ABD will rely on PD input in determining adequacy of training.